MFP Fire PanelMFP 4-28 Zone BS Fire Panel

Our MFP 4 to 28 Zone BS conventional fire panel was designed to fill the gap between low cost, low specification panels and higher priced, higher specification equipment.

Expandable from 4 to 28 zones in 4 zone steps, the MFP's features (4 sounder circuits, head-out fault indication and two on-board fire relays) plus its compatibility with a wide range of expansion boards makes it one of the most sophisticated BS5839-4 compliant fire panels available.

Extremely popular in the Middle East and other non-European countries, the MFP boasts a wide range of engineering functions including one man detector test, sounder walk test, sounder isolate, sounder delay, auxiliary isolate and an optional short-circuit = fire facility (pre-1980 BS, no resistors in call points).

Key MFP features:

  • Fully compliant with BS5839 Part 4
  • Microprocessor based design
  • Robust metal lid and metal back box
  • Four sounder circuits and head out fault indication provided as standard
  • End of line units included (one per zone)
  • True three wire operation of sounder and detector circuits (Ov is common) for considerable cost savings on installation
  • Separate indication of open circuit fault, short circuit fault, head out fault, sounder fault and battery/power supply fault
  • Non-latching ‘class change’ sounder input, latching fire and non-latching fault outputs (available via optional MFPX expansion loom)
  • Non-latching zones facility for cross connection to other panels
  • Wide range of engineer facilities including one man detector test, sounder walk test, sounder isolate, sounder delay and auxiliary isolate
  • Up to eight two-wire repeaters with full external control (except isolate) per system (requires one FF596T Repeater Transmitter PCB fitted at the main panel)
Additional MFP range instructions can be downloaded from our Downloads section