Fire PanelFP 1-14 Zone BS Fire Panel

Our FP 1-14 Zone BS fire panel has been protecting people and property for over two decades.

It is supplied in a robust metal enclosure with a lift-off lid and heavy-duty base connections for easy first fix and straightforward maintenance.

Its broad compatibility with virtually all known conventional smoke and heat detectors and its ability to interpret a short circuit as a fire or fault make it particularly useful for retro-installations. Optional head out monitoring units are also available.

A total of ten versions are available: 1 zone economy, 2 zone, 4 zone, 4 zone economy, 6 zone, 8 zone, 8 zone economy, 10 zone, 12 zone and 14 zone. All versions have two conventional sounder circuits.

  • Fully compliant with BS 5839 Part 4
  • Robust metal lid and metal back box
  • True three wire operation of sounder and detector circuits (Ov is common) for considerable cost savings on installation
  • Separate indicators for open and short circuit fault, sounder fault and battery/power supply fault
  • Non-latching ‘class change’ sounder input, latching fire and non-latching fault outputs (available via optional expansion loom)
  • Fault buzzer mute facility
  • Short circuit = fire facility (pre-1980 BS, no resistors in call points), selectable on a zone by zone basis for retro-installations
  • One man walk test and zone isolate facility (not available on EFP1)
  • Ancillary connections for repeater panels and other system add- including fault relay modules, fire relay modules, sounder delay relay modules, sounder extender kits, etc (not available on EFP1)
Additional FP range instructions can be downloaded from our Downloads section