Quantec neck pendant hits the shelvesqt432_with_lanyard

January 2010 sees the release of our new QT432 patient neck pendant for our Quantec addressable call system.

The pendant utilises the same tried and trusted technology used in our QT412 range infrared/radio 'staff attack' transmitters and is supplied in a robust plastic enclosure with a 1m lomg anti-ligature lanyard.

Powered by a user-replaceable 12V alkaline cell battery, it has a typical IR (infrared) transmitting range of 10m line-of-sight and a typical RF (radio frequency) transmitting range of 60m, dependent on receiver, physical conditions and environmental factors.

The pendant is designed to be worn around a patient's neck and allows calls to be triggered onto our Quantec call system via a Quantec infrared call point, ceiling receiver or radio receiver. Once activated, a confidence light on the transmitter will illuminate to confirm that a call has been transmitted.

The receiving device used will depend on the application. For low risk environments such as residential care homes a wall-mounting infrared call point will often suffice. However, in high dependency environments an additional master or slave ceiling receiver may be required to provide extended IR coverage.
Radio receivers are also available.

Whichever option you opt for, our new QT432 neck pendants provide patients with a highly accessible and reliable method of triggering calls without the need for long, trailing tail call leads - an excellent selling point in applications where the quality of patient care is critical.

Battery life, based on normal usage, is 6 to 12 months.

Trading at just £40.00 + VAT, the QT432 neck pendant is available for purchase today.

To order yours call our sales desk on +44(0)1942 322744.