NHS Oldham

On call

C-TECs powerful and newly improved Quantec addressable call system is performing a vital function protecting staff at a £10M health facility in Royton, Oldham.

Housing a host of specialist clinics including GP and dental practices, Royton Health and Wellbeing Centre provides healthcare services to the 21,000 population of the old Lancashire mill town which lies at the foothills of the Pennines.

Quantec operates as a staff-attack system at the new high-tech facility. Each consultation room is equipped with a call-point which can be used to trigger emergency calls. Should a member of staff require urgent assistance, they simply push a button and an alarm will sound at the master panel in reception, and also at the remote displays throughout the building, to alert other staff in the three-storey building that there is an emergency situation.

Said Graham Bell of Solid State, the specialist electrical installation company that completed the project: The fact that Quantecs call points can now be programmed to work in so many different ways means that they can be easily configured to suit a buildings unique requirements. For example, as this particular facility required a staff-attack system, we simply programmed all the call points to make emergency calls only. Quantec provides staff with the comfort and reassurance that, in the event of an incident, other staff will be notified immediately and come to assist.

Recently revitalised to include a host of new features including attack tracking, user ID and staff attendance, Quantec also provides emergency alarm facilities for the Centres disabled persons toilets. Calls triggered in the washrooms will indicate at the master panel to alert staff that a person is in distress.