A Quantum leap for Quantecquantec new

This July sees the culmination of an intensive 18 month research and development project as a host of new features are added to our Quantec addressable call system.

From programmable call points with additional slave inputs to infrared "staff attendance" pendants that allow management to monitor which staff are performing their duties, our newly enhanced Quantec call system is ideal for nursing homes, hospitals, mental health units, leisure centres, schools, shops, hotels and more.

Key new features include:-

USER ID - allows a patient's neck pendant or worker's staff attack transmitter to be given a unique User ID and custom name so that nursing and security staff can see exactly who is calling.

ATTACK TRACKING - allows Quantec to track the course of an attack generated via a member of staff's infrared transmitter. Should the attack spill over into a neighbouring room only the last location triggered by the transmitter will show to ensure help arrives exactly where it is needed.

PATIENT NECK PENDANTS - allows patients to remotely trigger calls via infrared call points, ceiling receivers or radio receivers, eliminating the need for long and potentially hazardous tail call leads in communal lounges, etc.

ENSUITE CALL LEVEL - allows slave devices such as ceiling pulls in bathrooms and WCs to be given a distinct Ensuite call level.

STAFF ATTENDANCE PENDANTS - allows nursing or security staff to log their attendance at a bedroom or security point via an infrared call point or ceiling receiver as they make their rounds. All data is logged by Quantec allowing management to easily verify to relatives, etc, that periodic attendance is taking place.

PROGRAMMABLE CALL POINTS - In addition to including an additional slave input, Quantec's call points can now be programmed to operate in a multitude of ways using a QT423 configurator. For example, a call point’s CALL button can now be configured to make an Emergency call on its initial activation, a slave ceiling pull to make an Ensuite call, a slave panic button to make an Attack call and a tail call to make a Help Required call (or any other combination). Reset buttons can also be programmed so they bypass the Presence call level.

CUSTOM SITE NAME FACILITY - allows a custom site name of up to 16 characters to be assigned to all of Quantec's displays.

MORE ADVANCED PAGING & DECT CAPABILITY - allows any call on the Quantec system to be routed to different handheld alphanumeric pagers dependent on the level of call, the area the call came from and whether the call is made during the day or at night to accommodate lower staffing levels. Alternatively, call messages to be directed to many third-party DECT telephone systems (subject to survey).

IMPROVED SURVEYOR SOFTWARE - allows the additional logging of User ID data, Attendance call data and transmitters or pendants with low batteries in what is already considered the most powerful call system data management software package on the market.


For more detailed information, download our Quantec New Features datasheet or contact our Sales Desk on +44 (0)1942 322744 or visit our Product Pages.