Top of Todmorden

Quantec, C-TEC’s cost-effective and versatile addressable call system, has been installed at a new £10 million health facility in Todmorden, Yorkshire.

Each consultation room is equipped not only with a call-point to trigger standard calls, but also a special panic button so occupants can raise an alarm should an attack take place or an emergency situation arise. The four reception areas in the three-storey building are equipped with emergency call-signaling strip-switches fitted discreetly underneath reception desks to allow staff to call for assistance quickly and easily.

Standard/non-emergency calls are confined to the storey of the building on which they are made to alert the relevant staff only and not disturb staff on other floors. For example, a call made on the second floor will be reported to the second floor only and a call made on the first floor will be reported on the first floor only, and so on. However, if an emergency or attack call is made, the system will go into full alarm and the call will show on every display throughout the entire building.

Says Martin Garnett of Emergency Systems Ltd, the Manchester-based specialist electrical company
that installed the system: “Quantec can be tailored to suit the needs of any medical facility and is therefore very cost-effective. It can also be easily modified or extended should the need arise in the future. The system plays a key role in ensuring that staff time is utilized effectively, disturbance is minimized and staff and patients are attended to quickly in an emergency.”